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Caring for Tasmania since 1968

Working to protect Tasmania

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) is the only Tasmanian conservation organisation that involves itself in the full range of conservation issues. Founded in 1968, it is the longest continuing environment organisation in Tasmania. As a non-political organisation, it can engage with government, industry and the wider community in a non-confrontationist manner to achieve genuine, on-ground conservation outcomes.

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Latest News

17 November 2016 Become a local roadkill champion More

28 September 2016 Government abandons threatened species in state planning scheme More

23 September 2016: Joint Media Release Statewide Planning Scheme 23 September 2016 More

23.1.2016: Foreign Investment Review Board fails to see Tasmanian devil as being in the national interest..more

19.1.2016: SUPERTRAWLER: Jon Bryan, the TCT's Marine Campaigner, who has sat on AFMA committees for many years, made a submission to the Senate Enquiry into environmental, social and economic impacts of the large capacity fishing vessels (Supertrawler enquiry)... We have decided to publish the censored version of Jon's submission here on our website as we are of the opinion that it is in the public interest.. more

30.11.2015: TCT submission:  . 'Approved Management Method for Storage and Reuse of Waste Tyres' - comments on the draft AMM and Companion Document more

23.9.2015: TCT submission on the Review of Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy more

27.8.2015: Media release: Will the Abbott government approve the Geelong Star's slaughter of dolphins? more

31.8.2015: Latest issue of the Tasmanian Conservationist issue 335 more

13.8.2015: Media release: Single statewide planning scheme will take the local out of local government planning more

10.8.2015: TCT submission in response to the Land Use Planning and Approvals (Tasmanian Planning Scheme) Amendment Bill 2015 more

30.7.2015: Media release: Factory trawler cries poor at dolphin protection measures more

9.7.2015: Media release: Government axes super-trawler scientific advisory committee more


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Tas Tyre Cleanup

Tassie eco film fest


Invasive species
Invasive species

Marine environment and wild fisheries
Marine environment
& wild fisheries

Forests on public land
Forests on
public land

Threatened species

Private land biodiversity
Private land



Public reserve management
Public reserve



*photo: Jon Bryan
††photo: Dave Watts
***photo: David James
† Wayne Lawler
‡photo: D Panther
**photo: Jon Delaine
†††photo: John Grist

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