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The Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) is the only Tasmanian conservation organisation that involves itself in the full range of conservation issues. Founded in 1968, it is the longest continuing environment organisation in Tasmania. As a non-political organisation, it can engage with government, industry and the wider community in a non-confrontationist manner to achieve genuine, on-ground conservation outcomes.

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Latest News

16.12.2014: Media release: Is Minister Paul Harriss telling the truth regarding changes to the forest clearing policy? more

5.12.2014: Submission on the 'Review of hydraulic fracturing in Tasmania: issues paper and invitation to comment' more

28.11.2014: Latest issue of the Tasmanian Conservationist #333 more

19.11.2014: Letter to the Editor, Mercury, 'Environmental risks of dairy expansion' more

18.11.2014: Media release: 'Warning to Chinese investors: investing in Van Diemen's Land dairy company may result in destruction of Tasmanian devil habitat'.more

6.10.2014: TCT's submission on the 'Reforming Tasmania's Planning System: A Position Paper on the Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendments Bill 2014.

Part 1 and 2. more

12.9.2014: Letter to the Editor, Mercury, 'Economic benefit of the Meander Irrigation Scheme' more

1.9.2014: TCT Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement 2013-2014 more

28.8.2014: Media release: 'State Budget funding for Parks and Wildlife Service: Good environment news comes with conditions' more

22.8.2014: Letter to the Editor, Mercury, 'State government proposal for logging in 1.1million hectares of reserves more

19.8.2014: Submission by the Tasmanian Conservation Trust to the Legislative Council on the Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Bill 201more

15.8.2014: Latest issue of the Tasmanian Conservationist # 332 more

25.7.2014: Letter to the Editor, Tasmanian Country, 'Response to Jan Davis re forest clearing' more

16.7.2014: Letter to the Editor, Examiner, 'Mr Hodgman breaks promise on development in reserves' more

25.6.2014: Media release: 'Conservation group's participation in government processes will be handicapped by axing of federal grants program' more

10.6.2014: Letter to the Editor, Tasmanian Country, Jan Davis and Arthur Lyons misrepresent or exaggerate the advantages of poisons over alternatives for controlling native browsing animals more

19.5.2014: Media release: Letter to the Editor, Examiner, 'Feratox not alternative to 1080' more

9.5.2014: Media release: 'Continued 1080 use to control native animals a short-sighted decision more

6.5.2014: Letter to the Editor, Mercury.' Proposal to rezone the pinnacle of Mt Wellington to facilitate the cable car' more

146.4.2014: Latest issue of the Tasmanian Conservationist (# 331) more

5.3.2014: Media release: Government research shows that a Two Capes Track would be a better business investment and better for the environment. more



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