Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc.

About the TCT

Role and purpose of the TCT


Founded in 1968, the TCT is the longest continuing environment organisation in Tasmania.

Involved in the full breadth of environmental issues

The TCT is the only Tasmanian conservation organisation that involves itself in the full range of conservation issues. We work on marine protected areas, wild fisheries, aquaculture, reserve management, creation of new reserves, public forest conservation, vegetation protection on private land, water management, threatened species, non-threatened wildlife, feral animals, weeds, diseases, planning, coastal conservation, cultural heritage and others issues.

Underlying philosophy

The TCT operates as a non-political organisation that can engage with government, industry and the wider community in a non-confrontationist manner to achieve genuine, on-ground conservation outcomes. We aim to provide independent, informed and scientifically based arguments to support our objectives.

Cooperates and participates in government processes

The TCT devotes a great deal of time and resources to participating in a large number of high-level State and Australian Government advisory bodies and committees. Within the limits of our resources we aim to respond to all important requests from all levels of government for submissions on reports, discussion papers, management plans etc.

Acts as an umbrella group

The TCT works with other groups (members and non-members) on issues of shared concern in numerous ways:

  • providing advice on a day-to-day basis
  • administering projects for other groups
  • being represented on community and natural resource management group steering committees
  • providing other groups with feedback and information about our involvement in high-level committees

On-ground projects

The TCT also runs strategically important on-ground management projects. Latest project: Tas Tyre Cleanup.

Monitors development proposals

The TCT assesses and comments on proposed developments that could have significant conservation impacts, and takes appeals and legal action when necessary.


The TCT’s members are a broad range of individuals, groups and businesses. Membership is open to any individual or organisation.


The TCT is governed by a Council elected from the membership and appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting.