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Media releases 2012


21/11/2012: Open Letter to Hon Julia Gillard MHR and Hon Lara Giddings MP. 'Towards a Tasmanian forest policy that sensibly reflects market realities and community values'.

1.11.2012: Letter to the Editor, Mercury. No forests deal will be better than a bad deal

16.10.2012: Media release: Prosecution on land owner for illegal clearing of native forest near St Helens

9.10.2012: Media release: Macquarie Harbour fish farm expansion - Minister Burke fails to protect endangered Maugean skate and World Heritage.

14.9.2012: Letter to the Editor, Mercury: Copping hazardous waste disposal site.

12.9.2012: Media release: Copping toxic dump uproar highlights Tasmania's lack of a hazardous waste strategy.

28.8.2012: Examiner's Soapbox: ENGO's sell-out of biodiversity conservation will not help bring peace

27.8.2012: Media release: Draft Management Plan proposes virtually unfettered development at the summit of Mt Wellington.

18.8.2012: Media release: TCT response to the Interim Agreement on Tasmanian Forests: forest practices code and threatened species under threat.

8.8.2012: Media release: TCT Supreme Court challenge to the Tamar Valley pulp mill permit - Gunns loses appeal over failed cost order application.

12.7.2012: Media release from the TCT and Kingborough Council: Cats in Safe Hands.

8.6.2012: Media release from the TCT, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Greenpeace: TCT, AMCS and Greenpeace call for Australian Government to reject giant fishing trawler

21.5.2012: Reissued media release: Have the ENGOs sold out their principles, the broader conservation movement and Tasmania's forests?

17.5.2012: TCT media release: TCT welcomes funding for implementation of the Cat Management Act

4.5.2012: TCT media release: New Zealand council-owned company set to clear large area of native forest in NW Tasmania, including destroying Tasmanian devil habitat. (See open letter to New Plymouth District Councillors below.)

4.5.2012: TCT Open Letter to all Councillors, New Plymouth District Council re proposal to clear a large area of native forest in north-west Tasmania including habitat of the endangered Tasmanian devil.

20.4.2012: TCT media release: TCT Supreme Court challenge to the Tamar Valley pulp mill permit - Gunns' costs order application dismissed.

20.4.2012: Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc v Gunns Limited. Reasons for Judgment by Supreme Court of Tasmania.

16.4.2012: TCT media release: Minister Bryan Green puts Tasmania's most vulnerable people at risk of chemical contanimation

4.4.2012: TCT media release: IGA deal must deliver on forest biodiversity as well as new reserves.

30.3.2012: TCT & AACT media release: Tasmanian autumn killing of short-tailed shearwaters continues.

28.3.201: 'Rock Lobster Crisis: The Real Story'. TCT responds to recent media reports.

17.3.2012: Media release: TCT welcomes Tasmanian Government invasive species announcements

16.3.2012: Media release: TCT position on legal action in regard to the Tasmanian rock lobster industry - correcting media misrepresentations.

8.3.2012: Media release: Autumn: the killing season for Tasmanian native birds

26.2.2012: Media release: Tasmanian Forests IGA may sacrifice threatened species protection as a trade-off for allowing Forestry Tasmania to maintain current logging levels

9.2.2012: Media release: Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area four-wheel driving: Minister Wightman fails to protect most significant sites.

5.2.2012: Letter to the Editor, Mercury. Fox hunt turns to new pest.

2.2.2012: Media Release: Outcome of the directions hearing in the Supreme Court, 2 February 2012, in the matter of TCT vs Gunns Ltd.

6.1.2012: Letter to the Editor, Mercury. Three Capes Track proposal.