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Some of these titles published by the Tasmanian Conservation Trust are available to purchase in hard copy, others can be downloaded from this website or from other linked websites.
Some titles are also only available from the State Library of Tasmania www.statelibrary.tas.gov.au or the library at Sustainable Living Tasmania www.sustainablelivingtasmania.org.au.
All prices are in Australian dollars.

The Wet Eucalypt Forests of Tasmania
JB Kirkpatrick, RJ Peacock, PJ Cullen & MG Neyland; 1988; A4; 156 pp. 44 gm.
Definitive work on the distribution and conservation of wet forest species throughout Tasmania. 
$15 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Ecology and Conservation of Tasmanian Sphagnum Peatlands
J Whitnam, S Eberhard, J Kirkpatrick & T Moscal; 1989; A4; 107 pp. 400 gm.
A detailed account of the characteristics and ecology of Tasmania’s peatlands, with comments on their management.
$15 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Peninsula Tracks 35 Walks in and around the Tasman National Park
S & P Storey; 1996; A5; 100 pp. 220 gm.
$15 plus postage.
To order contact us and/or Hobart bookstores.

Coastal Tasmania
The first comprehensive inventory of Tasmania’s coastal characteristics
1980; A4; Vol 1, 136pp 750gm. & Vol 2, 241pp 900gm.
$25 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Forgotten Wilderness: North West Tasmania
DN Harries (Ed); A4; 378 pp. 975 gm. 2nd edn. The first ever comprehensive study of the history, archeology, geology of this fascinating area, with contributions by 15 authorities in their fields. An outstanding reference work.
$33 plus postage.
To order contact us.

A Great Western Tiers National Park – an extended proposal
GWT NP Campaign, ACF, TCT, TWS. 1995; A4; 48 pp. 220 gm.
$15 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Karst Geomorphology and Values of the Tarkine – Limestone, dolomite and magnesite karst systems of the Arthur-Pieman Region of Tasmania.
C Sharples, 1997; A4; 176 pp. 500 gm.
$15 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Identification of Habitats of Rare and Threatened Plant Species and Communities in Tasmania
J Kirkpatrick, M McDonald, L Mendel, J During, AJ Lynch, & K Johnson
August 1997; A4; 173pp 440gm.
$22.00 plus postage.
To order contact us.

Tasmanian Mammals: A Field Guide
Dave Watts, Margaret Grainger, Emma Gunn; 1987; A5; 111pp; $25
Available from Sustainable Living Tasmania, Level 1, 71 Murray Street, Hobart 7000. Tel 62345566.

Firewood Conferences. Papers Presented

A Burning Issue – Bendigo June 2000 & Armindale May 2001

A Biodiversity, Consumer and Human Health Issue – Launceston 2001

No Smoke Without Fire – Adelaide June 2002
Sponsored by Bushcare National Projects under the Natural Heritage Trust PP 328; A4; 900gm. $10 plus postage.

To order contact us

DVDs available for purchase and/or download from linked websites

Swift Parrots in Tasmania
Identification and Nesting Behaviour
A project by the Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc with the assistance of Birds Tasmania, the Department of Primary Industries and the Threatened Species Network.
Contact us to purchase, $5 or by donation, or view on our website.

Tasmania: Your Roadkill State
Imaginocean productions in association with the Tasmanian Conservation Trust presents a 15-minute documentary about the tragic loss of native wildlife on Tasmania’s road. Help reduce this unacceptable road toll. View and download the DVD at www.imaginocean.com.au.

Not available for purchase

Please check  the State Library at www.statelibrary.tas.gov.au or the library at Sustainable Living Tasmania www.sustainablelivingtasmania.org.au

City Parks & Cemeteries – Tasmania’s Remnant Grasslands & Grassy Woodlands
J Kirkpatrick, L Gilfedder, R Fensham, R Hale; 1988; A5; 268pp  320gm
A comprehensive illustrated guide to Tasmania’s remnant grasslands and grassy woodlands.

Forest Industry Strategy for Tasmania
K Tarlo & J Miller; 1985. A4; 63 pp. 200gm
Comparison of past management practices with a strategy for sustainable development, of interest to all concerned with forest management.

Threatened Plants of the Tasmanian Central East Coast
J Kirkpatrick, MJ Brown & A Moscal; c1980; 76 pp

Tasmanian Walkways Feasibility Study
A proposal for the creation of long distance walkways for recreation and tourism in Tasmania .
TCT Study Team; 1968; 55pp; 180gm

The Impact of Coastal Protection Structures on our Environment
P Goldin; 1987; 71 pp

Maatsuyker Island – Most Southerly Light
Tasmanian Conservation Staff; 1978, 1989; 18 pp

National Estate Values of the Great Western Tiers; Tasmania – the Flora and the Vegetation
JB Kirkpatrick, A Moscal & M Askey-Doran; 1994; A4; 154 pp;

Atlas of Mosses & Liverworts in Tasmania
A Moscal & JB Fitzpatrick; 1997; 209 pp

The Reservation Status of Tasmanian Hepatic and Bryophyte Species – Report 2
A Moscal & JB Kirkpatrick. 1995; 100gm; 41pp; A4;

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