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Submissions 2007-8


TCT's submission to the State Government on funding issues.

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Environmental impacts of cats together with cat welfare continue to be an issue of concern. the Tasmanian Goverment has made some progress towards dealing with this issue.

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Submission to the RPDC on the Draft Recommendations Report for the Inquiry into the establishment of marine protected areas within the Bruny Bioregion

The RPDC released its report on its recommendations for a new system of MPAs in the Bruny Bioregion. The recommendations are generally good although there a major oversight means that the most significent kelp forest remaining north of Tasman Island in Fortescue Bay has not been recommended for protection.

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Minister Turnbull has invited comments on his proposed decision and the TCT responded.

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The TCT prepared two submissions on the proposed pulp mill. One was on impacts on forest while the other looked at the marine environment.

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TCT submission on the Tasmanian Government’s Draft Climate Change Strategy says that whilst the strategy has much to recommend it, the lack of a target to actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a significant omission.

It is almost as if the Tasmanian Government has ignored all the major international findings on the social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change. Even though Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions were not high in a national context, they almost certainly were in an international context.

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