Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc.



Submissions 2010


4.6.2010  Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishery Discussion Paper - April 2010

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area: Sustainable Recreational Vehicle Access Draft Report 2010

Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest and Export of Brushtail Possums 2010-2014

Review of the Biodiversity provisions of the Tasmanian Forest Practices Code.

The TCT strongly supports the completion of the review of the biodiversity provisions of the FPC and believes it has the potential to bring about a very significant improvement in conservation of forest biodiversity on both public and private land.

Submission on Tasmanian Irrigation Development Board/Water management and use/ Sassafras Wesley Vale Water District/TAS/Water Pipeline

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust is concerned that two EPBC listed species (Litoria raniformis green and gold frog (vulnerable) and Engaeus granulatus central north burrowing crayfish (endangered) are likely to be impacted by the construction of proposed Sassafras Wesley Vale Water Pipeline and the proponent has failed to provide evidence to substantiate claims these impacts can be avoided.

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust is broadly supportive of the ‘Draft Planning Directive No. 3: Single Dwelling in Residential Zone’ as it is likely to bring the seven affected planing schemes into alignment with the 15 planning schemes around the state which have single dwellings (houses) as permitted as a right or excempt in residential zones. With the following amendments we support this as a goal.

Draft Guidelines for the preparation of a Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan for Proto Resources and Investments Ltd Barnes Hill Project Beaconsfield, Tasmania.

Submission made to the leaders of the Tasmanian Labor Party, Tasmanian Liberal Party and Tasmanian Greens.