Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc.



Submissions 2015

30.11.2015: TCT submission: 'Approved Management Method for Storage and Reuse of Waste Tyres' - comments on the draft AMM and Companion Document.

23.9.2015: TCT submission: Review of Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

10.8.2015: TCT submission on the Land Use Planning and Approvals (Tasmanian Planning Scheme) Amendment Bill 2015.

1.6.2015: TCT submission for the Finfish Aquaculture Senate Inquiry on the Regulations of the fin-fish aquaculture industry in Tasmania.

19.5.2015: TCT submission: House of Representatives Standing committee on the Environment Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations.

15.5.2015: TCT submission: Amendment to the Forest Practices Code.